Farm “Cascina Lissona di Borin Laura” is a little family-run business, managed by
Laura and her husband Alessandro, growing their fruit and vegetable in their
own territory and then turning them into a various range of totally artisan
products inside their own workshop.
What allows Laura and Alessandro to get such products is their passion and their
total commitment to the land, together with the willing of letting palates
rediscover the genuine tastes and the pleasure of tasting “homemade”
products, without preservatives or food colourings.

Starters and side-dishes
They are typical starters from “piemontese” tradition, according to the ancient
recipes. They range from cauliflowers to wine “moscato” baby onions and to
savoury egg-plants fillets, from pumpkin to chard greens and finally to “bagna
cauda”, across chilli peppers stuffed with capers and anchovies.

Sweet and sour vegetables
Vinegar and sugar together makes the typical flavour; typical “giardiniera”,
balsamic vinegar baby onions and peppers make the difference.

Pasta sauces
Our sauces are like the ones everyone can make in its own kitchen: choice is
among “arrabbiata” sauce, egg-plants, olives and capers, tuna and vegetables
sauces, besides the very simple tomato sauce, never missing any self-respecting
“piemontese” kitchens.

Perfumed salts
They are made of local herbs, grown in the farm. They’re perfect dressings for
meat, fish and vegetables.

Sauces, “mostarde” (pickled candied fruit in a spicy syrup) and
Typical sauces or creams which can be served with meat and cheese, making
these products even more delicious and appetizing; “bagnetto”, “mostarde”
with several raw materials, jellys made with wine, spicy sauces, “particular
whims” of multiple products….delicacies to try!

Jams and marmelade
Being the marmelade made of oranges, jams are made with any other kind of
fruit and only with fruit (120%) and sugar. Flavours are the traditional ones:
apricots, black cherries, figs, strawberries, wild berries, apples, apples and
cinnamon, blue berries, pure peaches or peaches with chocolate.

Fruit with wine
It’s the traditonal fruit in syrup and each fruit is served with a different wine,
according to the “piemontese” tradition.

Mashed fruit
The production method is very simple and for this reason it’s really genuine:
baked and pureed fruit, without sugar or any other chemical products.
Recommended for children weaning after the fourth month of life. Delicious is
the blue berry juice, rich in nutritive values and antioxidants.
Here our complete products list in PDF:  CATALOG 2012

Our products
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